Healthy Christian Living has stopped producing and selling our high quality Coloidal Silver products because we were pressured by the FDA.

After hundreds of customer emails and calls, we have decided that it is more important for our readers, patrons and customers to continue to have access to the best Colloidal Silver product on the market and we are happy to announce that we are in process of building a bigger beter plant with many more Silver opportunities. Contact us today to preorder or for more information.

We expect full launch by November 1, 2014!


(The links below will not permit you to send money or purchase these specific products)


One single, refillable  2 oz Bottle With Atomizer cap


(for use in your purse, car or anywhere you travel)

HCL Colloidal Silver Solution



One single 8 oz Bottle



(Comes with free atomizer)




One single 8 oz Bottle  

HCL Colloidal Silver Solution







Or one bottle monthly for just $16.99 per month



Two 8 oz Bottles




HCL Colloidal Silver Solution





Or one 2 bottle order monthly for just $31.99 per month.


Three 8 oz Bottles

HCL Colloidal Silver Solution




Or one 3 bottle order monthly for just $44.99 per month.


Five 8 oz Bottles

HCL Colloidal Silver Solution




Or one 5 bottle order monthly for just $71.99 per month



1 Case of

12 Bottles

HCL Colloidal Silver Solution






one case monthly

 for just $149.99 per month.



One Gallon

HCL Colloidal Silver Solution




Or one gallon monthly for  just $179.99 per month.


15 Gallons

HCL Colloidal Silver Solution


(Great for farm, livestock  & agriculture use)


Reseller and wholesale bulk orders accepted

Wholesalers Click here


Contact us today for special pricing and shipping / delivery options. 

If our product is found to be of inferior quality in any way, damaged or unsatisfactory for any reason of defect, return the unused portion for a 100% refund... simple as that.



Alternatively, you may sent payment to:

 Healthy Christian Living - 34 Courtland Lane, Aberdeen, NJ 07747

(add $5.77 for shipping, UPS in the 48 states for 1-5 bottles, call for larger orders and international rates)

 Please report any problems with your ordering procedure to us, thank you.



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