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Product Line Product ID # Price Order
Body Detox Renovati Cleanse I RC-I $597.00


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Renovati Cleanse II RC-II

SALE  $887


Renovati Cleanse IV RC-IV

SALE  $1077


RC - Dual (2 Person) RC-D

SALE  $1775


RC-V Professional RC-V Pro

SALE  $2450


RC-V Professional Dual RCvD Pro $3,420.00


BD Accessories Aluminum Case Case $75.00


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One Array A-1 $120.00


Extra Array AE-1 $106.00


Two Extra Arrays A-2 $102.00 ea.


Foot Tub BFT $34.95


25 Foot tub Refills BFT25 $24.95


50 Foot tub Refills BFT50 $44.95


100 Foot tub Refills BFT100 $82.95


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300 Foot tub Refills BFT300 $229.95


Sea Onic Solution 8oz SS-8 $16.95


Sea Onic Solution 16oz SS-16 $29.95


Blood / Lymph Lymphix LX $675.00


PathogenX PX $235.00


Sound Therapy Aqua Sonic AQ $375.00


DermagenX DX $525.00


Resonance Sound RST $1,895.00


Resonance Sound w/Table RSTw/T $1,995.00


Special Table FT $175.00


Supplements Olive Leaf Capsules 20% OLC20 $28.95


Olive Leaf Capsules 575Mg OLC575 $18.95


Olive Leaf Extract Tincture OLET


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Organic Olive Leafs OOL Coming Soon


Pure Olive Leaf Powder OLP Coming Soon


Colloidal Silver 8oz CS8 Coming Soon


Colloidal Silver 16oz CS16 Coming Soon


Colloidal Silver 32oz CS32 Coming Soon


  Candida Elimination System CES Coming Soon

Hair Vita Pac HVP Coming Soon


New Products Max GL MAX Coming Soon


Olive Leaf Tea Coming Soon


Unleash Your Vinion Book - By Anthony Reinglas


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